Step into the Arts Street and be overwhelmed by the variety of activities surrounding you; each with their own uniqueness, each with their own lure. Year to year, expect to see the ever-growing art wall, filled with intricate pieces by our home-grown artists. Last year, it reached a record length of 60m. Love what you see? Own it! Most works are indeed for sale.

Feel the beat of street buskers as they intrigue you with funky acts from musical performances, juggling, stand-up comedy to balloon modelling, dancing, miming and living statue showcases. Want a little hands-on action? Explore the numerous art booths offering creative handicrafts, live painting sessions and even engaging workshops for the little ones!

Expect the unexpected each year as we bring in featured artists from around the world! In 2007, you would have experienced the fascinating Italian street painting and the pop culture inspired Graffiti sketching right before your eyes.

Unlike your regular snotty art events, the Art Street's casual setting lets you interact freely with the artists, so you can ask them anything from their inspirations to their brushes and paint!

The inaugural Singapore Arts Street was held outside Tanglin Shopping Centre in mid-2006. Intended to bring various forms of art into the lives of ordinary people through active awareness building, the SAS provides free exhibiting and performing space for artists and performers to showcase their inspirational works and performances on the street. 39 artists participated in SAS 2006 through exhibitions, performances, demonstrations and art workshops, among other activities.

We were greatly encouraged by the positive feedback we received from the visitors to Singapore Arts Street 2006. Following the successful conclusion of the Singapore Arts Street 2006 and driven by our own vision and passion, we began to engage the National Arts Council (NAC) with the intent to grow this unique event further, through government support.

Our second event, Singapore Arts Street 2007, was graced by several representatives from NAC. NAC Outreach found our event to have great potential and recommended us to the various CDCs, thus opening the channel for our event to be brought closer to the heartland community. For Singapore Arts Street 2007, the number of participating artists grew to 61, while the number of visitors grew to 18,000.

Singapore Arts Street 2008 marks a new milestone for us, as we will be co-organising Singapore Arts Street @ North East with a CDC for the first time. Our event in Hougang will also be supported (in spirit or in kind) by Community ArtReach, People’s Association, National Arts Council and Aljunied Town Council.

MEDIA & ART COMMUNITY INTEREST Singapore Arts Street 2008 was held at Clarke Quay and Hougang as our 'city' and 'heartland' segments respectively. With the support from North East CDC, Clarke Quay, Singapore Tourism Board (STB), People Association (PA), National Arts Council (NAC) and Adweb Design, the event was publicized nation-wide via 16 media channels, such as Arts Beat, Appetite, 8-days,, (The Singapore Info Map), The Finder,,,, The Sun (Malaysia), Sin Chew Daily (Malaysia),,, (Korea), and Beyond this, another 10 media channels (print, press, radio and TV), such as The Straits Times, Lianhe Zaobao,, Channel 8, Channel U, Lush 99.5FM, 95.8FM, Channel News Asia, Today and Spring brought the news of our event beyond our island-nation to the Asia-Pacific region, such as Malaysia, Indonesia, Australia, Macau, Hong Kong and China. Selected articles of our event can be found in the Appendix A. Our six-day event also attracted a wide spectrum of local and artist community participation in promoting and documenting the event through their community websites, personal websites and blog sites. We are aware of such online publicity on a total of 36 sites, although we estimate that there may be at least twice as many that we are unaware of.
Media Features

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Year 2009

Contact South East, Sep/Oct 2009
Singapore Tonight, Channel News Asia, 11 July 2009
早安您好 (8频道), 11 July 2009
Score II, OKTO channel, 5 & 9 July 2009
The Business Times, 10 July 2009
联合早报, 9 July 2009, 6 July 2009
Arts Beat, 2-15 July 2009
The Singapore Infomap,, July 2009
Singapore Kid's Place, 27 June 2009
Time-Out Singapore,, June 2009
Arts Beat, 18 June - 1 July 2009
Singapore American Newspaper, Jun 2009

Year 2008
Spring, July/August 2008
Today, 23 June 2008
Channel News Asia, 22 June 2008
新动网, 22 June 2008
新动网, 14 June 2008
新动网, 8频道 (6.30pm News) & U 频道 (7pm NewsClub), 14 June 2008
Lush 99.5FM, 16 June 2008
联合早报, 12 June 2008
The Straits Times, 5 June 2008
The Sun, Uniquely Singapore Weekends, 4 June 2008 - Publicity supported by Singapore Tourism Board (KL)
Sin Chew Daily, Uniquely Singapore Weekends, 4 June 2008 - Publicity supported by Singapore Tourism Board (KL)
Unquely Singapore Weekends,, June 2008
Unquely Singapore,, June 2008
The Singapore Infomap,, May - June 2008
The Finder, June 2008
Appetite, June 2008
Arts Beat, 5-18 June 2008
Spring, May/June 2008

Year 2007

The Straits Times, 7 June 2007
Class 95 FM, 4 June 2007
ANZA Singapore , June 2007
Expat Living, June 2007
The Finder, June 2007
IS Magazine, part 1, June 2007
IS Magazine, part 2, June 2007
Time-Out Singapore, June 2007, 30 May - 16 June 2007
Art Xplosion, 28 May - 10 June 2007
Shin Nichi Ho, 24 May2007
The Finder, May 2007

IS Magazine, part 1, May 2007
IS Magazine, part 2, May 2007

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