Step into the Arts Street and be overwhelmed by the variety of activities surrounding you; each with their own uniqueness, each with their own lure. Year to year, expect to see the ever-growing art wall, filled with intricate pieces by our home-grown artists. Last year, it reached a record length of 60m. Love what you see? Own it! Most works are indeed for sale.

Feel the beat of street buskers as they intrigue you with funky acts from musical performances, juggling, stand-up comedy to balloon modelling, dancing, miming and living statue showcases. Want a little hands-on action? Explore the numerous art booths offering creative handicrafts, live painting sessions and even engaging workshops for the little ones!

Expect the unexpected each year as we bring in featured artists from around the world! In 2007, you would have experienced the fascinating Italian street painting and the pop culture inspired Graffiti sketching right before your eyes.

Unlike your regular snotty art events, the Art Street's casual setting lets you interact freely with the artists, so you can ask them anything from their inspirations to their brushes and paint!

The inaugural Singapore Arts Street was held outside Tanglin Shopping Centre in mid-2006. Intended to bring various forms of art into the lives of ordinary people through active awareness building, the SAS provides free exhibiting and performing space for artists and performers to showcase their inspirational works and performances on the street. 39 artists participated in SAS 2006 through exhibitions, performances, demonstrations and art workshops, among other activities.

We were greatly encouraged by the positive feedback we received from the visitors to Singapore Arts Street 2006. Following the successful conclusion of the Singapore Arts Street 2006 and driven by our own vision and passion, we began to engage the National Arts Council (NAC) with the intent to grow this unique event further, through government support.

Our second event, Singapore Arts Street 2007, was graced by several representatives from NAC. NAC Outreach found our event to have great potential and recommended us to the various CDCs, thus opening the channel for our event to be brought closer to the heartland community. For Singapore Arts Street 2007, the number of participating artists grew to 61, while the number of visitors grew to 18,000.

Singapore Arts Street 2008 marks a new milestone for us, as we will be co-organising Singapore Arts Street @ North East with a CDC for the first time. Our event in Hougang will also be supported (in spirit or in kind) by Community ArtReach, People’s Association, National Arts Council and Aljunied Town Council.

June 2006 - Opening of 1st Singapore Arts Street (Singapore Arts Street 2006)
39 artists participated
Approximately 4,000 people visited the event

June 2007 - Opening of 2nd Singapore Arts Street (Singapore Arts Street 2007)
International renowned printmaker, Ms Chng Seok Tng hosted our Opening Ceremony
61 artists participated
Approximately 18,000 people visited the event
Editorial & listed in The Straits Times, Class 95FM, XIN.SG, Arts Xplosion and 7 other publications

February 2008 - North East CDC will be co-organising Singapore Arts Street 2008 @ North East
Singapore Arts Street 2008 @ North East will also be supported by Community ArtReach, People’s Association, NAC
and Aljunied Town Council

Singapore 13 April 2007 – Why fly half way round the world to marvel at Italian street painting, when Singapore Arts Street brings that and more to Tanglin Shopping Centre this May? At no cost to the public, they can enjoy a variety of art and activities including a 30m art wall filled with works from Singapore’s budding artists, painting sessions, ceramics, environmental art sculptures, graffiti art and on-the-spot contests with instant prizes. Last year, Tanglin Shopping Centre fully sponsored the first Singapore Arts Street which was a successful interactive platform for both artists and viewers as they learned and shared ideas in a casual outdoor setting. Many artists even found most of their work sold within the very first day! Following last year’s success, this
inspiring annual event aims to promote Singapore’s very own art and talent. By providing a free exhibition venue, the organization has attracted many artists from schools and galleries to put together a collection of intriguing pieces. This array, coupled with colourful performances and children workshops, will also show the public just how casually art can be presented, admired, and enjoyed by all. As a venue for many art businesses, Tanglin Shopping Centre has been promoted by the Singapore Tourism Board as the largest Arts Centre in Asia. Since its beginning in 1971, Tanglin Shopping Centre features a unique mix of stores, concentrating in high-end arts, crafts, and exquisite items of cultural interests like historical artefacts and specialty books. The Singapore Arts Street welcomes all at Tanglin Shopping Centre every Friday and Saturday (11am –6pm) from 25th May to 16th June 2007. Admission is free. For more details about Tanglin Shopping Centre, visit 新加坡艺术街荣誉呈献
2007 年4 月17 日–想要欣赏到令人叹为观止的意大利街头画像又不想花上冗长时间的飞乘吗?
这5 月,新加坡艺术街将在东陵购物中心带您穿越空间,为您带来包罗万象及多姿多彩的。大众将在无须任何花费的情况下,欣赏到一连串的艺术作品及活动。如一面长60 米,汇聚了新加坡年轻优秀艺术家作品的“艺术墙”,彩绘,陶瓷艺术,富有环保概念的艺术雕像,涂鸦画及现场有奖活动等等。去年,东陵购物中心开创了新家坡第一条艺术街,也同时以轻松户外感觉为背景为艺术家和观赏家搭起了互相学习和分享创作灵感的桥梁。有许多艺术家的作品甚至第一天就觅得了属于它们的知音。该艺术街在去年得到了相当多的回响。今年东陵购物中心以推广新加坡本地文化艺术及鼓励本地人才为目标,再次举办颇具意义的活动。东陵购物中心通过提供免费场所,吸引了各个艺术学院及画廊的艺术家来呈献一系列别开生面的艺术作品。东陵购物中心也希望公众能透过这次一连串多姿多彩的表演及儿童工作坊了解到艺术是可以以轻松的方式去呈现,欣赏及陶醉其中。作为一个提供多种艺术业务的场地东陵购物中心被新加坡旅游局推广为全亚洲最大的艺术中心。东陵购物中心自1971 年开始就一直为民众呈现独具亚洲风貌的店面,并专注于高档的艺术工艺品和精致的物品,如富有历史性的文物和专业书籍。新加坡艺术街欢迎大众于2007 年5 月25 日至6 月16 日每逢星期5,6(11am-6pm)到场参观。入场免费。 若知更多详情,请浏览东陵购物中心网址 。
Singapore 27 APRIL 2008 – Singapore Arts Street 2008 @ North East, organized by Singapore Arts Street and Northeast Community Development Council, aims to bring awareness and support to local art and talent by providing valuable free space for artists. Held at Hougang Central Hub for 2 weekends this June, the event hopes to bring all art lovers together in the most light-hearted setting. While the Singapore Arts Street has been accessible to tourists, residents, and shoppers in the city for the past 2 years, the organizers hope to develop community interest by bringing the event right to their doorsteps
this year. The plan? To progressively bond local artists together and develop an arts scene we can truly call our own. An outreach to all artists searching for space, Singapore Arts Street has been working closely with organizers and sponsors to keep exhibition at this event free of charge. Organizers stress that the Singapore Arts Street promotes free space not just in monetary terms, but in all aspects of the word, “free.” It is a dynamic play on how the various meanings of the word are interlinked in the field of the Arts. This free exhibition not only widens and attracts a big pool of participants and viewers, it also presents art the way it should be shared: the artists, unguarded, and the viewers, unrestricted. The public can expect all forms of art at the Singapore Arts Street including its distinctive 60m Art Wall, where artists display their paintings and drawings for all to appreciate and purchase. Other works include street performances, graffiti art, Italian street painting, and hands on art demonstrations and workshops. New this year are guided tours to walk viewers through the event and a larger art market of up to 30 stalls in Hougang.新闻发布 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE
新加坡 5 月3 日 - 今年的‘新加坡艺术街2008@东北’将由新加坡艺术街与东北社区发展理事会联合举办, 目的是为了加强公众对艺术的认识,并通过提供免费展示空间的方式来支持本地艺术家。此活动将于今年六月在后港中心广场 (Hougang Central Hub) 举行,为期两周末。主办当局希望能创造出一个轻松的环境,让艺术爱好者共聚一堂。虽然过去两年的‘新加坡艺术街’皆在市中心举办,为游客、当地住户以及购物者提供便利,但主办当局希望今年能把活动带到邻里去,提高邻里居民对艺术的兴趣。至于具体发展计划,主办当局希望能逐步将本地艺术家团结起来,而后发展起真正属于我们自己的艺术环境。‘新加坡艺术街’通过主办单位及赞助商的紧密合作,确保艺术家能免费展出自己的作品。主办当局强调:‘新加坡艺术街’所提供的‘FREE’展示空间并非只停留在金钱的层面上,而是真正意义地达到‘FREE’(免费,自由,无拘束)。‘FREE’与‘艺术’的多层面结合,将为今年的活动呈现出全新的活力。免费参观艺术展览不只能吸引更多的参与者以及参观者,此举更能体现出艺术应有的呈现方式,即毫无保留的艺术创作与全无禁忌的艺术观摩。公众能在今年的‘新加坡艺术街’上看到五花八门的艺术类型,包括了供艺术家展示与贩卖艺术作品的60 米艺术墙、街头与才艺表演、涂鸦艺术、意大利街道绘画以及艺术表演示范与实践班。今年的活动还增加了向导解说与多达30 个摊位的后港艺术市场。‘新加坡艺术街’在过去两年的发展基础上,今年获得了东北社区发展理事会的加盟,共同主办。国家艺术理事会与人民协会将此次活动列为‘社区艺术推广计划’(CommunityArt Reach program);活动也同时得到了阿裕尼市镇理事会的大力支持。财政部兼交通部高级政务部长兼阿裕尼集选区国会议员 - 陈惠华女士将在6 月22 日(星期日)下午2 时,为活动正式开幕。‘新加坡艺术街2008@东北’欢迎各位艺术爱好者于今年6 月21 日、22 日、28 日与29 日上午11 时至下午6 时,在后港中心广场与我们共襄盛举。
Singapore 15 May 2009 - With an inspiring 20,000 people turning up in Hougang and Clarke Quay last year, Singapore Arts Street 2009 @ South East brings local artists to Marine Parade this July. Jointly organized by the Singapore Arts Street team and South East Community Development Council, in conjunction with the South East District Arts Festival 2009, this event aims to garner support and awareness for local artists by bringing them right to the doorsteps of the people.
Setting itself clearly apart from the regular high flown art events, the Singapore Arts Street presents art in the most refreshing of ways. For one, you literally get a breath of fresh air as you step into this lively outdoor bazaar! The event boldly brings a large variety of art right into our neighbourhoods so that even the most unassuming of crowds will not miss it. While it basically provides a free platform for local artists to showcase their work year after year, the biggest message of all is just how casually art can be shared and enjoyed by everyone. Recognising the kind of support communities can give the artists, the Singapore Arts Street team is an organisation committed to promoting local art. They started the inaugural Singapore Arts Street in 2006. In just 4 years, Singapore Arts Street developed into one of the largest community of mixed artists in the local scene. Last year alone, it brought more than 300 artists and art enthusiasts together which cultivated a dynamic community in itself. Dedicated artists were exposed to art forms beyond their own; creating an energetic environment where they could share and learn from each other. Amidst their differences, there was no doubt, a congruent passion to connect to people through their works. The must-see for this year, is one of the country’s largest printmaking plates. Carefully mounted with random materials, everyone can create their very own unique pieces as the ultimate memorabilia. For the ‘art academics,’ there is also the ever-growing Art Wall that has since doubled in length and reached 60m. For the ‘art punks,’ there are the ‘Singapore-style’ Italian street painting and contemporary Graffiti art. For ‘mummy’s little artists,’ there are Hands-on art and Stick-an-art workshops to keep them busy as a bee. Then, for the ‘art urbanites,’ there is the eclectic art market and numerous live performances which give the Singapore Arts Street its unmistakable beat. There is truly something for everyone! “South East CDC is pleased to partner Singapore Arts Street for the first time to bring a refreshing mix of artforms to the community and support our local artists at the same time. Art enthusiasts will be delighted to see
the vibrant art displays right in the heart of our neighbourhood, while the uninitiated will be taken by its borderless appeal and have the opportunity to cultivate a deeper appreciation of the arts. Indeed, I truly believe that art inspires and bonds our community and allows a greater sense of fulfilment especially in difficult times like now. I hope that this event will establish a modern cultural tradition in our community for many years to come.” said Mr Matthias Yao Chih, Mayor, South East District
Singapore Arts Street 2009 @ South East welcomes all art lovers on the 11th & 12th of July, (11am-8pm & 11am-6pm respectively) at Marine Parade Promenade. Admission is free. Attached Annex A and B are the corporate information of our co-organising partner, South East Community Development Council (CDC) and our Central Pitch Feature Co-sponsor, Yamaha Music (Asia) Pte Ltd respectively. For more information on the event, please contact Christopher Tong at 6323-3708 (office), 8333-1273 (mobile) or (email) or refer our website at
新加坡 5 月15 日 - ‘新加坡艺术街2008’在后港及克拉克码头吸引了大约20,000 人参与。今年,‘新加坡艺术街2009 @ 东南’ 将在马林百列把本地艺术家聚集起来。此活动由新加坡艺术街策划团队 与东南社区发展理事会联合举办,希望以零距离的方式提升国人对本地艺术家的认知与支持。不同于传统艺术活动,‘新加坡艺术街’将摒弃那高不可攀的感觉,以最清新的方式在户外把包罗万象的艺术活动及表演呈现给国人。而在邻里举办如此规模盛大,艺术活动及表演种类繁多的‘艺术街’就是为了不让任何人错失欣赏艺术的机会。‘新加坡艺术街’年复一年为本地艺术家提供免费展示作品的平台, 就是希望公众能了解‘艺术’是可以以轻松的方式去呈现,欣赏及陶醉其中。新加坡艺术街策划团队在社会给与本地艺术家无限支持的感染下,在2006 开始策划‘新加坡艺术街’以
推广本地艺术。在短短的四年里,‘新加坡艺术街’发展为本地最大的艺术团体之一。在去年,‘新加坡艺术街2008’,拉拢了超过300 名艺术家和艺术爱好者,开启了一个充满活力的社区。该社区为艺术家及爱好者提供了欣赏与互相学习不同于自己专业领域的艺术作品的机会。尽管在领域上的不同,各个艺术作品还是反映出他们对艺术爱好的热忱。公众能在今年的‘新加坡艺术街’上看到五花八门的艺术类型,包括了供艺术家展示与贩卖艺术作品的60 米艺术墙、专属新加坡式的意大利街绘画及涂鸦艺术、儿童不可错失的艺术示范工作坊以及充满活力的艺术表演与艺术市场。而今年的重头戏就是全国最大之一的印版 (printmaking plates)。公众可凭自己的喜好,选择印版部分创作出属于自己独一无二的艺术品。东南区市长姚智说:“今年,东南社区发展理事会非常高兴能首度与‘新加坡艺术街’携手合作,在支持本地艺术家的同时,也把一连串不同种类及清新的艺术活动带入社区。艺术爱好者将能在邻里观赏到充满活力的艺术活动,而其他国人也有机会进一步培养及认识艺术。我相信艺术不只能促进社区的凝聚力,也能让国
人在这低迷的环境下,得到更大的成就感。我希望该活动能在未来几年内在社区里树立现代文化的传统。”‘新加坡艺术街2009 @ 东南’ 欢迎各位艺术爱好者于今年7月11日的上午11时至晚上8时、12日上午11时至下午6时,在马林百列熟食中心前的广场与我们共襄盛举。入场免费,欲知更多活动详情,请与Christopher Tong (汤頊礼)联系, 6323-3708 (电话), 8333-1273 (手机)或电邮)或上网游览。

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