Step into the Arts Street and be overwhelmed by the variety of activities surrounding you; each with their own uniqueness, each with their own lure. Year to year, expect to see the ever-growing art wall, filled with intricate pieces by our home-grown artists. Last year, it reached a record length of 60m. Love what you see? Own it! Most works are indeed for sale.

Feel the beat of street buskers as they intrigue you with funky acts from musical performances, juggling, stand-up comedy to balloon modelling, dancing, miming and living statue showcases. Want a little hands-on action? Explore the numerous art booths offering creative handicrafts, live painting sessions and even engaging workshops for the little ones!

Expect the unexpected each year as we bring in featured artists from around the world! In 2007, you would have experienced the fascinating Italian street painting and the pop culture inspired Graffiti sketching right before your eyes.

Unlike your regular snotty art events, the Art Street's casual setting lets you interact freely with the artists, so you can ask them anything from their inspirations to their brushes and paint!

The inaugural Singapore Arts Street was held outside Tanglin Shopping Centre in mid-2006. Intended to bring various forms of art into the lives of ordinary people through active awareness building, the SAS provides free exhibiting and performing space for artists and performers to showcase their inspirational works and performances on the street. 39 artists participated in SAS 2006 through exhibitions, performances, demonstrations and art workshops, among other activities.

We were greatly encouraged by the positive feedback we received from the visitors to Singapore Arts Street 2006. Following the successful conclusion of the Singapore Arts Street 2006 and driven by our own vision and passion, we began to engage the National Arts Council (NAC) with the intent to grow this unique event further, through government support.

Our second event, Singapore Arts Street 2007, was graced by several representatives from NAC. NAC Outreach found our event to have great potential and recommended us to the various CDCs, thus opening the channel for our event to be brought closer to the heartland community. For Singapore Arts Street 2007, the number of participating artists grew to 61, while the number of visitors grew to 18,000.

Singapore Arts Street 2008 marks a new milestone for us, as we will be co-organising Singapore Arts Street @ North East with a CDC for the first time. Our event in Hougang will also be supported (in spirit or in kind) by Community ArtReach, People’s Association, National Arts Council and Aljunied Town Council.

ACHIEVEMENTS IN SINGAPORE ARTS STREET 2008 We, at Singapore Arts Street, believe that everyone should be given a chance to experience the Arts. Every year, our team aims to bring the Arts to the masses in the most engaging way possible. Every year, we continually re-invent this event with new art features to create an experience that is fun, free, eye-opening, interactive and hands-on, thereby drawing in people of all ages and backgrounds. Singapore Arts Street 2008 was held from 15 to 29 June 2008 over 3 weekends and attracted more than 20,000 visitors. There were 8 major art features, involving more than 300 artists and art enthusiasts featuring over 1,500 made-in-Singapore art works and performances.The event was held at 2 locations - a city location and a heartland location - giving better access to members of the public and visitors from around the world. More than 500 drawings, paintings and prints from local artists of different backgrounds were showcased. The participating artists were on-site to interact with interested visitors during the event. As the event was set in a casual environment, the public had the opportunity to interact with the artists and learn more about their creative & creation processes. Artists were also able to exchange pointers with each other. More than 1,000 pieces of various forms of handmade art and crafts were showcased in a casual art bazaar setting. Artists were creating their pieces on the spot. The public was able pick up some techniques by watching these live demonstrations and interacting with the artists.About 25 music, vocal, dance, band and street performances from diverse genres were presented. The public was also invited to learn some basic skills from the performers on the spot and be a part of the performances.More than 20 artworks were created by about 30 artists right in front of the public. From various painting medium on canvas to the creation of a 4.2 x 2.1m graffiti wall and a 1.2 x 7.2m street painting, the public can see the techniques and medium used throughout these demonstrations. The public can also interact directly with the working artists. The public was also given the opportunity to create their own mass artworks. 3 pieces of 4.2 x 2.1m artworks (2 graffiti-based and 1 pointillism-based) were created through their consolidated effort. The public was further provided with the opportunity to explore with 3 art mediums at 3 on-site "hands on" stations. Many art and craft sessions were conducted by art trainers during the event. In addition, more than 20 workshops were available for the interested visitors.
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Why Arts Street?
As Singapore moves towards a fast-paced, cosmopolitan country, our government passionately encourages growth in the Arts. While the year’s filled with festivals and shows that focus on staged performances and exhibitions, viewers still lack opportunities to widen their experience and understanding of the Arts by interacting with the artists and performers themselves.

With the vision to create a casual environment where amateurs and novice viewers can effortlessly and light-heartedly enjoy art, the Singapore Arts Street was initiated in 2006. 3 years running, the event successfully promoted local art and talent as we see significant increase in both participating artists and visitors in 2009.

Why Sponsor Arts Street?
A Supporter of the Arts. If your organization is already a strong supporter of the Arts, you’ll understand our determination in bringing the Arts to the streets; proactively bringing our local artists closer to the audience they need.

A Personable Experience with Your Market. Arts Street’s hands-on nature is what makes it different from other Art programs. Through this unique experience, visitors will not only remember your organization’s participation, but also your personable, approachable quality.

Mingle with Companies of the Like. The Arts Street aims to bring together companies who are passionate about the Arts, like you. Your participation will not only be recognized by the public but also by other organizations that share your vision. So come join us as we draw together a team dedicated to endorsing and promoting the Arts.

Target Market
With free admission, the Arts Street welcomes everyone! In 2007-2009, it attracted a crowd of approximately 59,000 which consists mainly of local residents, expatriates, families, art lovers and tourists.

For More Information
If your organisation would like to be a partner of our event, please email us your contact details as follow with Subject: Be a corporate partner of Singapore Arts Street. And, we will get in touch with you soon.

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